Using and Supporting Histocracy

My eventual goal in creating this website is to get histocratic algorithms used in the decision-making of a powerful entity, such as a corporation or a U.S. State. Even if you are neither a a manager nor a governor, you may see opportunities put this system to profitable use. You can:

Form an amateur investment group in which members vote on how to invest joint funds.

Replace the often meaningless student elections at your school with a series of decisions made using histocratic principles. Enlist a programming class to write a program that tabulates votes and ranks students. Put referenda in the school newsletter. Announce the results, and the wisest-voting students, at each school assembly. You may be surprised at who really knows how the school should be run.

Lobby a corporation you hold stock in to make policy decisions this way.

Programs: I currently have no computer-driven ways of quickly sorting referenda, generating random lists, and doing the math. I know some Basic and that it is not a complicated challenge, but it would be cool if I had something people could download.

Hate mail: If you have intelligent criticism I want it. If you have unintelligent criticism I want it too, so I can quote you to prove only idiots disagree with me.

Success(and other) stories: Have you used Histocracy or some variant and gotten profitable, weird, or disastrous results?

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