A few bits of jargon

Histocracy–Coined from the Greek words histein, weight, and kratos, power. A system wherein the votes of each citizen are weighted in power based on their past voting and their certainty about the correct decision.

Histocratic Republic–Coined to imply continuity with the Democratic Republic. A nation or organization where some decisions are made using the histocracy system.

M-Committee–Stands for mimnêskô, Greek for memory. The random 10% that casts unweighted votes on a referendums efficacy two years after it is passed or defeated by the S-Committee.

S-Committee–Stands for sumprogignôskô, Greek for predictive consensus. The random 90% that casts weighted votes on whether to pass a referendum.

I’m interested in critique of these terms. I thought I’d use Greek words for the same reason Washington, D.C. uses Greek architecture. If there’s a better choice out there, send it to brightand@loveable.com

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